Taliban claim shooting down US B-52 bomber

Third World War

Kabul: Taliban claimed to have shot down advanced and state of the art B-52 Strategic Bomber, of the US air force. It is claimed that the incidence took place in the southern Afghanistan province of Helmand, but the United States and Afghanistan have not reacted about the incident. Three days ago, three US soldiers were killed in the Taliban attack,near the Bagram Airbase. Following that, with the targeting of the US bomber, the Taliban is trying to demonstrate its increasing strength.


US-B-52-bomberSince the last few months, discussions are being held between the United States and the Taliban regarding peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban seems to have increased the intensity of their attacks while the talks are continuing. In the last two weeks, Taliban has carried out large scale attacks on the military bases, police stations and government offices, in various provinces, and nearly 300 to 400 people have been killed in these attacks. It is also claimed that the Taliban has succeeded in establishing its bases, in some strategic locations.

Against this background, the Taliban claim of shooting down a US bomber becomes significant. The Taliban spokesman gave the information regarding this attack and the Syrian website Muraselon, has posted it. The spokesman said ‘Mujahidin from Taliban targeted the US B-52 bomber in the Lar region of Washir district. The attack was carried out on Wednesday, in the morning.

All the soldiers in the aircraft are said to have been killed on the spot. This is believed to be the first instance of a US bomber being targeted in Afghanistan. In the past, reports of Taliban targeting drones and helicopters of the United States and NATO forces have been published.

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