Trump should not scrap the Iran nuclear deal: Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia

Washington: The U.S. President-elect Donald Trump should not try to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran. Instead should admonish Iran for causing instability in the Middle East, appeals Prince Turki, an influential member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Prince Turki expressed his views in a recently held think-tank event in the U.S. As this Iran deal had already caused distrust between the US and Saudi Arabia, Prince Turki’s statements took everyone by surprise.


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Donald Trump won the US presidential elections which was held four days back. During his campaign, Trump had criticised the Obama administration for making this nuclear deal with Iran. During his election campaign, Trump had proclaimed that he would dismantle the nuclear deal if voted to power. The statements made by Trump about the deal had become quite famous. Since Trump has now been elected as the next President, everyone is fixated on the fate of the nuclear deal. It was also being said that Trump is likely to push the agreement down the trash bin.

Recent statements made by Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief and an ex-ambassador to Washington and London, has caused an upheaval. Prince Turki said that this nuclear deal has been concluded with Iran after years of pursuit. The US along with the entire world believes that Iran can be withheld from being equipped with nuclear weaponry for the next 15 years due to this deal. Under these circumstances, if this deal was to be scrapped, it would raise a lot of questions. Prince Turki said that there seems to be no other alternative available which would guarantee forbidding Iran from being equipped with nuclear weaponry. Hence, Prince Turki claims that this deal would turn out to be an important stepping stone in prohibiting Iran from being equipped with nuclear weapons and in making middle east free from weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, Prince Turki urged Trump to uphold the deal.

Prince Turki went on to add that the US President-elect Trump should modify his anti-Iran stand. Iran alone is responsible for the rising instability in the Middle East. The terrorist groups supporting Iran are destabilising the Middle East. Prince Turki appealed to Trump to threaten and admonish Iran to stop interfering with the Middle Eastern nations and to stop sponsoring terrorism.

Prince Turki al-Faisal stated that the views expressed by him about Iran are in his personal capacity. Prince Turki has not been assigned any position of power in King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz’s kingdom. However, Prince Turki al-Faisal’s opinions are given high regard. It is said that Prince Turki al-Faisal has great influence on the royal family as well as on the stand taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hence, the statements that he made at the US think-tank event are being viewed seriously.

Last year the Obama administration had signed the nuclear deal with Iran. Prominent Arab nations from the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia had expressed their immense displeasure at this deal which was made by the US. Saudi Arabia had criticised the U.S of stabbing the Saudi citizens in their back and also warned of Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East due to the nuclear deal. Subsequently, displeased Saudi Arabia began enhancing its co-operation with Russia.

Meanwhile, the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had also expressed her support for the nuclear deal with Iran. Therefore, after Donald Trump won the Presidency, it is said that Saudi Arabia along with other Arab nations would once again try to enhance their ties with the US and would also appeal for termination of the nuclear deal with Iran. However, against the backdrop of the statements made by Prince Turki, Saudi Arabia’s forthcoming stand is being watched closely.

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