US-China tension will lead to a new Cold War: US Statesman Henry Kissinger

Washington: – Senior US Statesman Henry Kissinger warned that the tension reigning between the United States and China is the biggest problem faced by the world. If it isn’t resolved, the entire world will be threatened. For, this will lead to a Cold War of a different kind. Moreover, he warned that humankind has acquired powers to destroy the whole world. Also, Cold War between the United States and China will pose a major threat to the world.   


70 years ago, the world had achieved incredible technological advances. Along with nuclear capabilities, super-advanced technology is also available today. Machines have become a partner for humans due to artificial intelligence. Kissinger pointed out that these machines can take independent decisions for human beings. Moreover, he expressed a concern that the Cold War between the top two world economies will put humanity under threat in this scenario.  

A Cold War had started between the world, the United States, and Russia following the second world war. Kissinger advised the United States to defuse the tension with China. He said that Soviet Russia had a powerful military but lacked economic strength. Russia also was not advanced on the technological front like today’s China. But China has advanced technology, military might and enormous financial power. 

Even in the past, Kissinger had advised the United States to defuse tension with China. His advice had been severely criticised, especially when Donald Trump was the President of the United States. Besides, Kissinger was accused of being biased towards China. The then-Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had even criticised that Kissinger developed US cooperation with China, setting aside US security and interests. Pompeo pointed out that China is a major threat to the United States and expressed regret that Kissinger is advising to establish cooperation with China ignoring US interests.   

But after Biden took over the reins as the President, the US policies regarding China have started showing changes. It has become difficult for Biden to change the policies of Trump regarding China expressly. But the Biden administration has initiated steps to soften the stand against China. The Biden administration indicates that Russia is the real adversary of the United States and not China.   

Kathleen Hicks, US Deputy Secretary of Defence, recently claimed that although the United States has a threat from China, it is possible to avoid a war with China. In this scenario, the warnings issued by statesmen like Kissinger are endorsing the policies and objectives of the Biden administration regarding China. 

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