China and Russia could misuse violence in the United States, analysts warn 

Washington: – Professor Paul Dib, a chief analyst from Australia warned that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping must have been happy, over the chaotic developments in the United States. Russia and China must have started moves to exploit the situation. Gorana Grgić claimed that the developments showing that the democracy has been held at ransom, in the United States, must have been pleasing the adversaries and enemy countries. Former US diplomatic officials warned that the Chinese government might use the violence in the United States for a propaganda campaign.  


Supporters of President Trump had dashed against the Congress building in Washington, on Wednesday. They had entered various offices and the Congress’s main hall, breaching all the building’s security. Five people, including four protestors, were killed in the skirmish that ensued between the protestors and the police; 14 police officers were injured. The security agencies even seized weapons from the congress building and the surrounding area. More than 70 people have been arrested for creating unrest in the Congress and areas around it. Strong international repercussions have been felt of the Wednesday incident. Most world leaders have expressed regret over the incident and have expressed hope that the transition of power will go through peacefully, in the United States. But China, Russia and Iran had fired salvos of criticism regarding the incidence in the United States. Russia criticised that the United States’ election system is archaic and has failed to fulfil the criteria of modern democracy. One of the Russian leaders claimed that the function of democracy is over in the United States.   

China claimed that the internal systems in the United States have collapsed and compared the protests to Hongkong protests. Intense reactions were received from the western media over the Chinese statements. Against this background, the warnings issued by the serving as well as former diplomats become significant. Max Baucus, former US Ambassador to China warned that China will use the incidence of violence, in the US capital, for a propaganda war, which could become a major cause for concern. Not only China, but even the other countries may also use this. This is very frightening.’  

Meanwhile, some European officials claimed that the violence on Wednesday, could be an attempt of President Trump’s rebellion. The claim also says that the security agencies responsible for law and order may have helped the Trump efforts. 

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