Taliban attacks in Afghanistan on the rise 

Washington/Kabul: Three people were killed in blasts in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani criticised the attacks. In the past few months, there has been a massive increase in the number of Taliban attacks carried out in the Afghan capital. A US think tank has released information that stated the Taliban terrorists were targeting Afghan government officials and military. Meanwhile, the United States has put military withdrawal on hold, given the rising violence. Even NATO has clarified that a complete departure from Afghanistan was not possible.  

On Tuesday, terrorists carried out three blasts in capital Kabul. Three people, including a government-affiliated religious group leader, were killed and seven others were injured in the explosion. The intensity of the explosions was low. The Afghan agencies are accusing the Taliban of being responsible for the Kabul blasts. Car bomb blasts have occurred in Kabul for the second successive day. Taliban has been carrying out attacks in the Afghan capital for the past few months. The think tank named the ‘Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’ (SIGAR) has brought the situation to light in its report. 

SIGAR noted that such attacks had increased ever since the United States and the Afghan government started negotiations with the Taliban. The SIGAR report stated that last year, in the three months from 1st October to 31st December, the Taliban claimed 810 lives in Afghanistan and 1,776 were injured. At the same time, the explosives used in the blasts were more advanced than before. Furthermore, the think tank stated that the Taliban is using sticky bombs or magnetically attached IEDs. 

The Biden administration in the United States has expressed concerns over the increasing incidence of Taliban attacks and accused the terror group of violating the ceasefire. Simultaneously, the US military headquarters, the Pentagon, has decided to review military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Moreover, even NATO has asserted that a military withdrawal from Afghanistan was not possible till May. 

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