Peace treaty possible only if the Taliban stop violence in Afghanistan

Third World WarWashington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, ‘The peace treaty with Taliban is possible only if they succeed in keeping their promise, to stop the violence in Afghanistan in the next seven days.’ This reaction from Secretary of State Pompeo came because of the Taliban attacks on the Afghan military in the last four days.

Peace treaty possible only if the Taliban stop violence in AfghanistanNine people were killed in the Taliban attacks in various Afghan provinces over the last few days. These include Afghan soldiers. Reports of Taliban planting and detonating bombs on the roads are also being received. Therefore, the Afghan leaders and analysts from the United States are criticising that the Taliban is not keeping the promises made during the Qatar meeting.

Against this background, Pompeo reminded Taliban of their promises made during the Qatar meeting while talking to the press on Tuesday. Pompeo warned that ‘The United States will sign the peace treaty only if Taliban is successful in stopping the violence.’

Pompeo clarified that even if the United States signed the peace treaty on Saturday, the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan would be based on certain conditions. US Secretary for Defence Mark Esper also said that the United States was ready for a peace treaty with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, there is a growing demand from the US Senators for withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. US Senator Richard Black appealed that the Trump administration should not delay military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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