10 soldiers martyred in Mali terror attack  

Bamako – On Wednesday, 10 soldiers from the Mali military were martyred in a terror attack, in central Mali. It is being claimed that GSIM, a terrorist group affiliated to Al Qaeda, carried out this attack. This is the second attack on the Mali military, in the last 10 days and 6 soldiers got martyred in the previous attack. Against this attack’s backdrop, French intelligence agencies have warned that Mali-based terror groups can launch attacks even in Europe. An attack was launched on a military unit in Boni, in the Mopati province in central Mali, on Wednesday, early in the morning. The armed terrorists, who came in vehicles, targeted the military unit with grenades and rifles. 10 soldiers lost their lives in the attack and a minimum of 6 have been injured. Boni’s military base has suffered major losses; officials informed that the terrorists decamped with a huge haul of weapons.  

This is the second major terror attack in the Mopati province of Mali. On Sunday of January 24, the military units in Mondero and Boulkesi came under attack in the Mopati province. Six soldiers got martyred in that attack and 16 were injured. 40 terrorists had been killed in action taken by the Mali military at this time. But despite this action, the terrorist groups have demonstrated their increasing strength by again launching an attack on the military base.  

Voices of concern are being heard even from France, against the background of the Mali attacks. Bernard Emie, Director of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), warned that the terrorist groups in Mali are planning to launch attacks in the European continent. Emie warned that Mali’s terror groups, affiliated to IS and Al Qaeda, are plotting attacks in France and its allies. Only last month, two French soldiers lost their lives in an attack launched by the terrorist groups, on a French military unit.   

Last year, the military and its supporter groups had overthrown President Ibrahim Keita’s government through a rebellion. This was the second instance of revolt, in Mali, since 2012. At that time, taking advantage of the revolt, Tuareg rebel groups and terrorist organisations tried to control some important cities in the country. France had intervened, in the conflict, to help the incumbent government.   

After that, the French military unit alongside the UN peacekeeping force and US advisors came to Mali, to counter-terrorism. But still, terror attacks on the Mali military are consistently seen rising, since the last few years. The government has completely failed to control terrorism. The political uncertainty prevails in Mali, ever since the revolt last year. It is evident from the attacks in the last 10 days that the terrorist groups have increased their intensity, taking advantage of the situatio

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