Syria will retaliate against Israeli attacks by all means: Syrian Foreign Ministry

Damascus – ‘Syria will not hesitate to exercise its right to defend its land, people and sovereignty by all means guaranteed by its constitution,’ warned the Syrian Foreign Ministry. Moreover, Syria demands that the international community must take a stern stance against Israel. This week, Israel carried out two consecutive airstrikes on Syria. Thus, Syria has reacted to it.


Israel, Syria, airstrikes,In the last five days, Israel has attacked Syria twice, accused the Syrian government. Also, the Syrian army has claimed to have countered the airstrike at Al-Safirah in Aleppo. However, the Syrian human rights organisation and locals said that these Syrian claims are false; the Israeli attack destroyed the Iran airbase. Moreover, within 24 hours of this attack, the Israeli fighter jets newly attacked Homs province in Syria.

Syria had to bear colossal damage in the airstrike carried out in Al Qusayr, Homs. The Syrian Defence Ministry has confirmed massive damage of the military equipment at this military base. Besides, the information provided about these attacks by the Syrian government and the locals is diagonally opposite. The Iran news agency has reported two attacks in the Homs region. Thus, it has once again surfaced that by abating the news of Israeli airstrikes, Syria is struggling to try and protect its reputation.

Israel, Syria, airstrikes,At the same time, the Syrian foreign ministry has blamed Israel for carrying out these attacks to protect the militants in Syria. So, the Syrian foreign ministry has once again threatened Israel over these attacks. Syria will respond to these Israeli attacks guaranteed by its constitution, the Charter of the United Nations, and international law provisions. Moreover, the ministry has reiterated its warning to Israel that it will face dangerous repercussions of its continuous attacks.

Furthermore, Russia and China have expressed displeasure over these attacks in Syria. Last week, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi had visited Syria. During the visit, he slammed Israel by citing the attacks on Syria as wrongful. Meanwhile, it is claimed that the United States has also carried out airstrikes in Syria, just as Israel. Besides, news has surfaced that two days ago, the United States attacked Iran-backed regions in Syria.

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