Syria accuses Israel of launching new airstrikes

air strike, Israel, Syria, F-16 fightersDamascus – The Syrian Defence Ministry has accused Israel of launching heavy airstrikes in Aleppo. The international media claimed that this was the first attack by Israel in Syria since Naftali Bennett took over the reins of Israel. Syria has blamed Israel for carrying out the raids after China announced financial aid to Syria. The Israeli military declined to comment on Syria’s allegations.


Two days ago, Israeli fighter planes struck the Al-Safirah area in the Aleppo province of Syria. The Russian military says four F-16s have fired a total of eight missiles. The Russian military said that the Syrian army intercepted seven of the rockets, while the last one landed at the site of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Al-Safirah. The attack caused major damages to the military base at Al-Safirah. Photographs of the attack have surfaced.

air strike, Israel, Syria, F-16 fightersSyria, meanwhile, has accused Israel of carrying out the attack against the backdrop of growing economic cooperation between Syria and China. Last week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Syria and met with President Bashar al-Assad. In addition to providing financial assistance to Syria, the Chinese Foreign Minister stated that China supports Syria’s sovereignty and integrity. Syria has blamed that Israel, infuriated because of this, carried out the attack.

Israel and China have three decades of trade cooperation. But over the past few months, China has taken a public stand against Israel at the international level. China also criticised Israel in its fight against Hamas. At the United Nations, China voted against Israel. It is claimed that Israel also expressed its displeasure by supporting the anti-China resolution on the issue of Uyghurs last week.

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