Russia uses climate engineering technology to extinguish fires in Siberia

Moscow: – Russian Sakha-Yakutia region, part of southeastern Siberia, has been hit by 216 wildfires, affecting more than 1.5 million hectares. Volunteers, along with more than 2,000 soldiers, and military aircraft, have been deployed to control the fires. However, Russian authorities have reportedly used climate engineering technology since the fire was not coming under control. Sources claimed that the technology would be used to extinguish the fire by inducing rain.  


For the past two weeks, wildfires have been raging in the Siberian province of Sakha-Yakutia. Russian officials said that global warming and the resultant heatwaves are the main reasons behind the wildfires. The temperature in Siberia has risen above 40-degree Celsius due to the heatwave. Rising temperatures have been followed by dry storms in Siberia, which have reportedly sparked wildfires.  

The wildfires have hit more than 50 Siberian cities, and the airport in Yakutia also had to be closed for some time. It is likely that large power projects in the area will have to be shut down because of the wildfires. Against this backdrop, the Russian military is said to have deployed its aircraft as well as military units. However, as the forests could not be controlled even after help from the army, it is believed that the benefit of climate engineering technology is being taken.  

The Antonov An-26 transport plane has deployed a system for this purpose. These include silver iodide cartridges, which are sprayed on the clouds. Russia‘s emergency services claim that the effects of these chemicals will help extinguish the fires by inducing rains. It is said that such technology is being used in many countries, including the United States.  

A few days ago, there were reports of inducing rains using cloud seeding with the help of drones in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. 

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