First indigenous private rocket engine test successful

New Delhi: – The Indian Skyroot Aerospace company successfully tested the Upper State Rocket engine. This is the first rocket engine developed by an Indian private sector company. The Engine has been named ‘Raman’, after the Indian Nobel laureate scientist CV Raman. Recently, the decision to open up the space sector to the private sector has been taken. Private companies were given permission to manufacture rocket propellers. This report coming within only a few days of the announcement becomes significant.

rocket engine

Two years ago, two scientists from ISRO, Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka founded a startup Skyroot Aerospace. The first private rocket propeller is being developed by Skyroot Aerospace. The researchers in this company have developed this 3D Engine for this purpose. The rocket propeller being manufactured by Skyroot Aerospace will have the capability of launching a satellite, weighing between 250 and 750 kilograms in an earth orbit. Pawan Kumar Chandana claimed that the Engine had been developed, keeping this objective in view.

He said that this rocket would be launched into space in the month of December 2021. Pawan Kumar said that the weight of the rocket developed by Skyroot Aerospace is lesser than the conventional rockets. He also informed that Skyroot Aerospace is in the process of developing two more engines and they too will be tested in the next six months.

Meanwhile, in June, the union government opened up the space sector to the private sector. According to this, private companies can develop rockets and satellites. ISRO Chief K Sivan had welcomed the decision. Sivan had expressed confidence that with this, India will be able to acquire an important place in the international space economy. A few days ago, permission to build a private satellite launchpad at Sriharikota had also been given to the private sector. While private companies are dominating the space sector in the developed countries, the success of Skyroot Aerospace in India becomes important.

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