29 satellites including the EMISAT, the eyes and ears of India in the space

Sriharikota:  ISRO recorded one more achievement launching 29 satellites in one flight with the PSLV-C-45 launch vehicle. Out of these 28 satellites are for foreign countries, including 24 satellites from the United States. The EMISAT, considered to be the eyes and ears of the country also was launched with these satellites. It is claimed that the launch of EMISAT will hugely benefit the Indian defence forces. The ISRO chief said that this is the first time that satellites have been launched, using the PSLV-C-45, in three different orbits, at the same time and this is a matter of pride for the country.

The PSLV-C45 lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, at 9:27 am on Monday. It was carrying a payload of 29 satellites. 28 foreign satellites including 24 satellites of the United States were on the flight. The PSLV-C-45 had 2 Lithuanian and one satellite each from Spain and Switzerland. The Indian EMISAT also was there, and this is considered as a critical satellite for the defence forces. The weight of the satellite is 436 Kilograms. Capable of tracing the enemy radar systems, this satellite can provide accurate information to the defence forces. This satellite will be very important for espionage and surveillance and can be effectively used in electronic warfare. Till now, this responsibility rested with the Airforce fighter jets. But now this will be done by EMISAT, reducing the burden on the Airforce.

DRDO had developed this satellite under ‘Project Kautilya’. The satellite is referred to as the eyes and ears of India. Earlier, this capability was available only with the United States, Russia and China. Now India also is included in the list, and this is a crucial step, in future defence preparedness. As per information, the project was started eight years ago. ISRO Chief K. Sivan underlined the importance of the development, saying it was very vital for the nation. This is the first time, ISRO has successfully deployed three satellites, in three different orbits, around the earth, in a single launch. Sivan expressed satisfaction that this resulted in a major cost saving.

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