After Indian agencies send alert, Sri Lanka coast guard intercept, seize two Pakistani boats smuggling drugs

New Delhi: Based on the information given by the Indian security agencies, Sri Lanka’s coast guard seized two boats carrying drugs from the Pakistani port of Karachi. The rise in drug smuggling in India and Sri Lanka has been a significant matter of concern for both countries. Therefore, the two countries are working closely on the issue.

sri lanka, coast guard, pakistan, drugs, smugglingThe Narcotics Control Bureau of India (NCB) had gathered the information that two vessels carrying drugs had left from Pakistan’s Karachi port towards Sri Lanka. The NCB thus conveyed the data to the Sri Lanka coast guard. Due to the timely information, the Pakistani vessels smuggling drugs to Sri Lanka, were successfully stormed by the Sri Lanka coast guard.

Drugs smuggling is a mode of generating significant income for the ISI. The money thus generated is used by the ISI for funding the terrorist activities. As the sea route is the safest for smuggling drugs, boats or ships are used for the transport. However, the Indian and Sri Lankan coast guard maintain constant vigilance on the sea routes in close proximity.

In May, the Indian coast guard had seized drugs worth ₹600 crore off Gujrat coast. Before that, drugs worth 500 crore were seized in February.

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