The significance of the ‘Big Business Deal’ between India and the US increases

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump had himself passed a verdict during the G-20 summit that the Indo-US relations are at a high never seen before. It was being said that the statement was inconsistent with his anti-India statements and actions. Some analysts advised the Indian government to look out for President Trump’s actions, rather than believing in his statements. The experts claim that the trade disputes between the United States and India are much softer than the conflicts of the United States with China, European countries and other trading partners.


business deal, india, usPresident Trump had said before the G-20 summit that the taxes imposed by India on the US goods are not acceptable. Therefore, against this background, the attention of the analysts was focused on the discussions between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi, during the G-20 summit. Both the leaders adopted a stance of cooperation during the meeting. President Trump also announced a new significant trade agreement with India at the summit. Trump indicated a new significant trade agreement with India while continuing with the trade war with China.

Trump’s daughter and economic advisor, Ivanka Trump said during the G-20 summit that India has a significant role in the US policies and India can become an important trade and defence partner of the United States. Therefore, everyone’s attention has now been focussed on the big Business Deal that Trump will announce for India. During the G-20 summit, President Trump had also expressed willingness to stop the trade war with China. President Trump especially adopted a softer stand during the bilateral discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping. However, as per analysts, Trump will not suddenly withdraw from this trade war.

Therefore, the economists have advised that India should take advantage of the opportunity created by the trade war between the United States and China. Against this background, the Big Business Deal offered by Trump to India becomes important from trade and policy point of view.

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