Palestinian president on India visit

New Delhi : Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has arrived on a four-day India tour. In July, Indian Prime Minister will be travelling to Israel and it is said that this tour will further strengthen the bilateral ties on all levels between the two countries. Against that background, this India visit of Palestinian President is proving important.


Since past few years, political, defence related and strategic cooperation  between India and Israel is developing. Israel is among those countries which supply defence equipments to India, and this cooperation can become more extensive in the near future. On this background India’s PM will be visiting Israel in the month of July for the first time ever. Till today, India has taken a firm stance on Palestinian issue. India has got the opportunity to assure the Palestine President on India visit that even though the cooperation with Israel is strengthening, India has not changed its stance for Palestine. 

Palestinian President Abbas is also trying on international level that Israel should accept the concept of bilateralism. After Jordan and Egypt, President Abbas also visited the US and had a discussion with Trump. Later, he also visited  Russia and  tried to get Russian President Putin’s  support for the same. Next, the Palestenian President who has come to India will make an effort to gain backing from India

Israel and Palestine issue has intensified further as Israel has started building settlements on Palestinian land. However all European nations are against this and have stood by Palestineso far. Although, in the US, Although, in the US after Donald Trump’s administration came to power, the stance of the US has changed completely. The American President had announced moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This means that the US accepts Israel’s authority over Jerusalem which Palestine claims to own. If happened so, this will ignite destructive violence in the Middle East, says US allies from Middle East.

On this backdrop, the Palestenian President has arrived on India visit and will discuss Palestine issue with India Prime Minister. Along with this, it is expected that President Abbas will discuss the circumstances/situation in the Middle East with PM Modi.

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