‘JAI’ conference of Japan-US-India concludes

Osaka: The differences in trade between the United States and India had no effect on the discussions between US President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was clear after the bilateral talks held between the two leaders on Friday. Also, trilateral talks involving India, the United States and Japan were held in the city of Osaka in Japan. Prime Minister Modi claimed that this trilateral cooperation ‘JAI’ would ensure a bright future. It is said that the discussions in the trilateral meet were centred around how can each of the countries contribute towards an open, free and stable Indo-Pacific region. Although it is not clearly spelt out, the talks indicate that the cooperation is to stop the Chinese influence.


G-20 summit is being held in the city of Osaka in Japan, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met various heads of state against the backdrop of the conference. The meeting with the leaders of the State of Japan and the United States is considered to be very important. Since the last few years, China has initiated aggressive activities in the Indo-Pacific region. Taking a bold stand on many issues, including the South China Sea, China is trying to increase its influence at the international level.

jai, japan, us, indiaBecause of this Chinese aggression, all the countries in the Indo-Pacific sector have become restless. The United States, taking cognisance of the situation, has started rapid movements to stop this Chinese aggression. For this purpose, the countries in the Indo-Pacific, are being brought together under various groups to improve the cooperation among them. The objective behind the Japan-America-India (JAI), also is the same. India has attached due importance to the groups like the United States, and Japan as they both are allies of India. This is underlined by the reactions given by Prime Minister Modi regarding these JAI meetings.

Prime Minister Modi expressed satisfaction over the trilateral meeting, saying, “The JAI meeting was very positive. We discussed the issues in the Indo-Pacific sector, in detail. The development of communication and infrastructure in this sector has been prioritised. I am thankful to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump for presenting their position.”

Following the JAI trilateral meet, Prime Minister held discussions with US President Donald Trump regarding bilateral issues. At this time, Prime Minister Modi thanked President Trump for the letter which he had sent. The issues of trade, Iran, defence cooperation and 5G, featured in the discussions between the two leaders. As per sources, the issue of purchase of S-400 from Russia was not raised during the meeting.

The US President had expressed regret over the trade taxes imposed by India, and it was believed that the repercussions would be felt in this meeting. But Prime Minister Modi and President Trump concurred on addressing the issue of trade tensions through an independent discussion. A decision to organise a meeting of the commerce ministers of both the countries was taken during this meeting.

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