Russia’s use of Iran base against ISIS very unfortunate: US State Department

Washington: Russian bombers using Iranian airbase to launch air strikes against ‘ISIS’ and other terrorist organizations has invoked reaction from the US. US State Department Spokesperson, Mark Toner said that Russia’s decision to use Iranian airbase to act against the terrorists is very unfortunate. For the second consecutive day Russian fighter planes launched attacks on terrorist areas in Syria from Iran’s ‘Hamadan’ airbase.Russia’s use of Iran base against IS very unfortunate: US State Department


Though US expressed displeasure at Russia’s move, Toner said that the decision does not come as a surprise to US. This alliance of Russia with Iran may be a violation of UN sanctions, noted Toner.

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clarified that Russia’s deployment of fighter jets in Iran does not violate UN rules. Russian Foreign Ministry also said that US was informed about their decision to use Iran’s airbase to launch air strikes in Syria.

Meanwhile, analysts say that deployment of fighter jets by Russia in Iran is a warning signal to US and its allies. It is said that Russia has done this deployment to increase pressure on US to support Russia in Syria. ‘Support us or else we will take support from your enemies’ is Russia’s message by this move; say analysts.

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