ISIS trains guns on Russia, issues personal threat to Putin

Moscow : “IS terrorists will storm into Russia and kill you in your house” is how the IS has threatened the Russian President Vladimir Putin. An IS terrorist has also urged IS supporters in Russia to come forward and initiate these kind of attacks. This threat where the IS directly targets the Russian President,  is the first of its kind.


ISIS threats PutinA nine-minute video released a few hours ago on a Russian messaging app, shows a masked IS terrorist directly threatening the President Putin. He then warns that IS terrorists were all set to break into Russia. This video footage that ends with a personal threat to President Putin, covers before that, images of devastation in Syria and Iraq and IS vehicles travelling through the desert. The video is however, being examined for its authenticity.

The threats from IS that preceded this one, were appeals to its supporters in Russia to launch attacks. In March this year, the IS had even warned of a major assault in the Caucasian region that has been the most unstable of all. Following this warning, the Russian military had arrested a few IS terrorists from the Caucasian region. However, this is the first time that the IS has issued a direct and personal threat to President Putin.

Last year Russia had launched air strikes against IS in Syria. Russian fighter jets and bombers had allegedly launched successful air attacks on hundreds of IS bases in Syria and Russia had declared that a large number of terrorists had been killed in these strikes. IS had incurred major losses due to these air attacks by Russia. IS bases in Syria were also destroyed in these attacks.

Russia-Syria-sukhoiThe Russian President had stated that this action was executed in support of the government of the Syrian President Assad and had affirmed that these attacks would continue until Russia fulfills its objectives in Syria. Putin had even informed that five to seven thousand youth from Russia had joined the IS conflict in Syria.

Following his visit to Syria last month, the Russian Defence Minister, Sergey Shoygu had released information that 2000 Russians were among those killed in the air strikes in Syria, which included 17 IS commanders from Russia.

Meanwhile, Russia had issued an alert that IS terrorists could attack European nations. Russia had also informed last year that the air strikes launched in Syria by Russian fighter planes were forcing IS terrorists to flee to Europe. Forced to bear serious brunt of the Russian air attacks striking Syria at present, the IS has found its power knocked down. The US and its allies have been launching air attacks on the IS but it is claimed that they did not succeed to the extent that Russia did and this apparently is the reason behind the threat issued by the IS to the Russian President.

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