Russia will carry out aggressive cyberattacks, warns UK

Third World WarLondon: The UK issued a serious warning saying that Russia had completed its preparation to retaliate against the United States- UK-France attacks on Syria and will carry out big and aggressive cyberattacks. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that ‘after reviewing the history of the Russian cyberattacks on other countries in the past, the possibility cannot be ruled out’. Senior British experts and former British Navy Chief Admiral Lord West have endorsed the warning issued by Johnson.


The United States, the UK and France participated in the attack on Syria, early Saturday morning. British Tornedo fighter jets deployed at the airbase in Cyprus, launched the attack with ‘Storm Shadow’ missiles that have a range of 500 kms. Russia had strongly criticised the British support to the United States and had indicated targeting the British bases.

russia, cyber attack, ukHowever, Britain had warned that Russia, who is warning of attacks through a military action, will in fact resort to cyber-attacks. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson drew attention to the previous cyber-attacks carried out by Russia on the western countries targeting its systems and the methods used by it to weaken the democratic systems. ‘Therefore, Britain will have to be prepared not only on the military level but also on the cyber level along with other sectors to defend itself from Russian attacks’, warned Johnson.

The British Foreign Secretary’s warning was endorsed by the former Naval Chief Lord West. ‘The possibility of a ‘tit for tat’ answer from President Putin is remote. He is preparing for something else. This may include cyber-attacks’, warned Admiral Lord West. The British intelligence service, ‘GCHQ’ also had warned of Russian cyber-attacks and had expressed fears of Russia starting a cyber warfare against Britain.

British defence expert Michael Clarke has warned that Russia will try to weaken the infrastructural facilities, transport, health services and air sector in the country. While the British government sources have claimed that Russia was trying to expose sensitive information about the British parliamentarians and some important personalities in the UK.

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