13.9 million vaccinated in two days in the country; rapid vaccination is the only way to financial recovery – Dr VK Paul

New Delhi – A record number of vaccinations were reported, after implementing the new vaccination policy, in the country. The Indian speed of vaccination has drawn the attention of the entire world. On Tuesday, more than 5 million vaccine doses were administered. On Monday, 8.816 million vaccine doses were administered. Dr VK Paul from the Niti Aayog expressed confidence that the third wave of Coronavirus can be stopped by speeding up the vaccination drive and observance of rules. Dr Paul also said that speedy vaccination is the key to streamlining financial turnover.


Dr v k paul,World record,covid vaccination,Narendra Modi,Health ministry,COVID-19,vaccination drive,Niti AayogOn Tuesday, 42,640 new Coronavirus cases were reported around the country. For the first time after 91 days, the number of new cases has fallen below 50,000. The number of deaths reported also was the lowest in the last 68 days. 1,167 patients died due to Coronavirus, in the country, in the day. The Coronavirus pandemic situation is improving, and many states have relaxed the restrictions. Telangana became the first state in the country to remove all travel restrictions. Despite this, warnings are being repeatedly issued that there is a looming threat of the third wave.

Dr Paul from the Niti Aayog expressed firm confidence that the third wave can be avoided if the rules are observed, all the possible precautions are taken, and the vaccination drive is speeded up. The new vaccination policy has been implemented in the country from 21st June 2021. The union governments will be providing the states with doses for free vaccination of citizens from the 18 to 45 age group. For this, the union government will be purchasing 75% of the vaccine manufacturers’ production. Vaccination is also continuing in the private hospitals and institutions, and they have been allowed to buy from the remaining 25% of the manufacturers’ capacity. There is an excellent response to the vaccination centres in the private hospitals around the country.

Dr v k paul,World record,covid vaccination,Narendra Modi,Health ministry,COVID-19,vaccination drive,Niti AayogTherefore, there were many vaccinations on the first day of implementing the new vaccination policy. More than 8.8 million citizens were vaccinated in a single day. Whereas, on Tuesday, the second day, 5.1 million people were vaccinated. As per this statistic, a total of more than 13.9 million people were vaccinated in two days. More importantly, 64% of these vaccinations have been done in rural areas. It is claimed that the speed will be higher in July.

Dr Paul said ‘The economic cycle has not been streamlined since the last year because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, after November, the economic transactions had started to streamline. But there was a setback again, after the number of patients started increasing, from March. If the economy is to be restored to normal, a rapid and extensive vaccination drive is the only solution. All businesses, industries, schools, and other things will streamline only after maximum people have been vaccinated.’ Dr VK Paul appealed that the citizens should come forward for vaccination and cooperate and not have any misconceptions regarding the vaccines.

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