Indian Prime Minister holds telephonic conversation with the Russian President

New Delhi : World War may probably flare up between the United States and Russia any moment following the Syrian chemical attacks. Under these circumstances, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a prolonged telephonic conversation. It is being said that the discussion was held on further strengthening of the special strategic cooperation of both the countries. However, the details of this conversation have not been disclosed. It has been claimed that while the developments and strategic movements have accelerated on an international level, the discussions held among the Indian Prime Minister and the Russian President are giving different indications.

After the chemical attack on Syria, the United States had offered strong proposals to the United Nations Security Council. Russia rejected the proposal using veto. Following this, the United States and Russia became warmongers. United States President Trump has warned that Russia has made a mistake by standing in favor of such a leader who is an animal. At the same time, Russia had been giving warnings of war against the US. On this background, the US has initiated talks with their allies and increased strategic moves. Similarly, Russia has also taken steps to retaliate.

Under such circumstances, Indian Prime Minister’s conversation with the President of the closest and most cooperative neighbor, Russia proves incredibly significant. This conversation was prolonged. It is being said that the special discussions among the two leaders of the respective countries had held for enhancing exclusive strategic partnership.  However, External Affairs Ministry of India and Kremlin of Russia refused to disclose further details. With respect to the global developments, discussions between the two countries are justified and the experts  claim it to be of great international significance.

Maintaining the intimate cooperation with Russia, India has developed cooperation with the US on all levels. India has developed all-round collaboration with the US by maintaining close co-operation with Russia. India has tried to maintain its balance of foreign policy by developing relations with the US and Russia simultaneously. Although this may have strengthened Russia’s relations with a country like China and established cooperation with Pakistan, yet it had avoided offending India.  India has a great influence on the US and Russia therefore India can play a major role if conflicts arise between the two countries. Consequently, the discussions held between Prime Minister Modi and the Russian President is of substantial importance, the experts claimed.

It is relevant that over the past few years, India has been acquiring considerable significance not only in the Asian continent but also globally. India has endeavored to balance its ties with Russia and the United States. Similarly, without changing its traditional role with Palestine, India has developed its relations with Israel. Simultaneously, India’s political and economic cooperation is flourishing with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries. For this policy, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had said that India can play an important role in Israel and Palestine’s dispute to solve Palestine’s problems.

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