PM Imran Khan in trouble as the Coronavirus crisis deepens in Pakistan 

Islamabad – The Pakistan government, who has been ignoring the Coronavirus pandemic even when the pandemic is playing havoc in neighbouring Iran and China, is now frightened out of its wits. Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed a fear that the outbreak could play havoc in Pakistan in the time to come. But the criticism is rife that if the Imran Khan government had taken a timely decision to impose a lockdown, the damage control would have been better. This has led to the instability of the Imran Khan government. 


72 Coronavirus deaths have been reported from Pakistan, and the number of cases has reached 4,778. Journalists and medical experts are already expressing fear that the number of cases and deaths in Pakistan will multiply. Therefore, these journalists and medical experts had demanded that the Imran Khan government should impose a lockdown. But Imran Khan has bluntly rejected the demand. He had put forward the reason that imposing a lockdown in an underdeveloped country like Pakistan would result in starvation of the population. 

Pakistan media had severely criticised the lack of seriousness of the Pakistan government in the matter of the Coronavirus pandemic, especially when the pandemic is on a rampage in neighbouring Iran and China. Imran Khan has pleaded to the people of Pakistan to stay at home to save themselves from the pandemic. Imran Khan also said that if the number of cases increased in the future, Pakistan does not have sufficient medical facilities to treat the patients. Imran Khan confessed to his irresponsible behaviour with a statement that when the rich countries of the world have failed to contain the pandemic, Pakistan will always fall short in its efforts. 

Imran Khan should have taken cognisance of the shortcomings, that he is now confessing to, much earlier and imposed a lockdown. The inefficiency of the Pakistan Prime Minister is going to cost the country immensely, and the Pakistani media is openly warning people that they will have nowhere to go in the future. In this scenario, the Pakistan military has taken over and has initiated measures to contain the pandemic. It is claimed that the Pakistan military is also upset because of the flawed policies and manner of functioning of the Imran Khan government. 

The Pakistani journalists are claiming that the Imran Khan government does not have too much time, in view of the displeasure of the Pakistan military. Some of the journalists and former diplomatic officials have indicated that the discontent in the Pakistani people will increase in proportion to the spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan, finally forcing the Imran Khan government to resign. These former diplomats have made some vitriolic criticism, ‘That will be in the interest of Pakistan. The irresponsibility of Imran Khan has pushed Pakistan in a major crisis, and he cannot pull the country out of the crisis.’ 

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