Participation of France and South Korea will strengthen QUAD

New Delhi: – The French navy holds war exercises in the Bay of Bengal alongside the navy of India, the United States, Japan and Australia. International media say that these exercises have been organised to monitor the Indo-Pacific region’s dangerous Chinese activities. China, restless with this, has started making allegations against QUAD and claims that the cooperation is targeted against China. But QUAD will be expanded in the future, and it is visible that this organisation will force China to change its expansionist policies.   

quad-france-south-koreaThe annual La Perouse naval exercises of the French navy have been started in the Bay of Bengal. The QUAD member countries are participating in the exercises. The French Rear Admiral visited the Kochi port before the exercises. He had said that France is looking at India as a country providing complete security to the Indo-Pacific region. At the same time, Rear Admiral Fayard warned that French settlements in the Indo-Pacific and France are obliged to ensure their security. At the same time, Rear Admiral Fayard warned China. He said that France expects security and stability of the freight movement in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

After the QUAD cooperation became active, France expressed interest in participating in it. The French aircraft carrier Charles De Galle issued a warning to China, sailing through the South China Sea. Therefore, as per analysts, if France joined QUAD, it will be no surprise. Not only France, the United Kingdom and Germany also are following the QUAD keenly. The analysts in South Korea have started demanding that South Korea participate and become the fifth angle of QUAD.   

Last year, South Korea had been presented with an opportunity to join QUAD. But President Moon Je-In wasted this opportunity. But now, South Korea has been presented with one more opportunity to join QUAD. As per the South Korean analysts, South Korea should grab this opportunity. The Chinese activities in the South China Sea are increasing dangerously. South Korea has an equal threat from Chinese aggression as from North Korea. The logic behind this is that it has been repeatedly exposed that China is the one behind the North Korean aggressive policies. Therefore, South Korea must align with any countries confronting China.   

Meanwhile, expectations are being expressed that this cooperation, referenced as QUAD or QUAD Plus, should not remain limited to military cooperation. The countries japan and Australia are particularly giving importance to cooperation on trade and policy levels. China has emerged as the global manufacturing hub. But taking cognisance that the world will have to face a major crisis if it depended on China, Japan and Australia are assisting in shifting this hub to India. If cooperation can be received from technologically advanced and financially strong countries, like France and South Korea, India could benefit immensely. Therefore, the participation of these two countries in QUAD would certainly add to the Chinese concerns.   

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