Pakistan responsible for terrorist attacks on Iran soldiers, sharply criticises Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry

Tehran: Nations that participate in the coalition to fight against terrorists must answer as to why no action has been taken against terrorists in their own land, demanded Iran while castigating Pakistan. The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rebuked Pakistan while asking it to seek an account for the proceedings carried out by it against terrorists. This infuriated response arose from Iran after the lives of 10 soldiers were claimed in a terrorist attack on its border that is shared with Pakistan and  has criticised Pakistan, holding it solely responsible for this attack.


Raheel-SharifOn Thursday, militants killed 10 ‘Iranian border guards’. After the attack in the ‘Sistan-Baluchestan’ province of Iran’s ‘Mirjaveh’ city, the militants crossed the border and escaped into Pakistan. The Pakistan based terror organisation ‘Jaish al-Adl’, has claimed responsibility for this attack.

This terrorist organization is known for its activities against the government in Iran. It is also involved in smuggling of drugs over the border. Previously, the terrorist outfit had even attacked the Iranian guards at its borders and fled to Pakistan. However, the Iranian government has directly held Pakistan accountable for these attacks at the border this time. The Iranian Foreign Affairs ministry has completely blamed Pakistan of killing its soldiers.

The Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, ‘Bahram Qasemi’ has reprimanded that Pakistan has been avoiding action against the terrorists that existed internally and therefore, it should be held completely accountable for the attack on the Iranian border guards. He further strongly criticised Pakistan by saying that it was turning a blind eye towards the terrorist organizations at its borders. Qasemi also demanded that Pakistan should accept its responsibility and take strict action against the terrorist organizations.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has taken an aggressive stance against the attack on its border guards and has declared to take tough action against the terrorist organizations. Also, Iranian President Rouhani, in a telephonic conversation with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef expressed his concerns over the growing security threat the Pakistan based terrorist organizations posed to Iran. The Iranian president conveyed his expectations by saying that the Pakistani government and army would take the essential measures against these terrorist organizations.

Iran has accused that the Pakistani border was the most insecure. While Iran also alleged that the Pakistani army was not taking any action against the terrorists at its borders, it has summoned Pakistani envoy in this regard.

Meanwhile, it seems that Iran has made a sharp criticism while alleging Pakistan’s inaction against terrorists. Pakistan is a part of the Saudi-led 39-country anti-terror coalition and Pakistan’s ex-army chief Raheel Sharif is now the head of this alliance. Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson raised a grave question by asking how a country which was a part of an alliance fighting terrorism be unsuccessful in countering terrorists on its own land. Iran had earlier accused this Saudi-led military alliance to be against Iran rather than against terrorism.

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