Iran would launch attacks on terrorist bases by barging into Pakistan, warned Iran’s military chief

Tehran: The Chief of the Iranian military has given an open warning to Pakistan by using strong words “We expect the Pakistani authorities and the administration to employ appropriate control to take the terrorists into custody and to shut down their bases. However, henceforth if the terrorist attacks continue then Iran would launch powerful attacks on the terrorist refuge locations and on their posts and we do not care where these locations fall under”. Last month, the terrorists had killed 10 soldiers of Iran’s border security forces. While giving a response to it, Iran has openly warned Pakistan. 


Iran is claiming that the terrorist group ‘Jaish al-Adl’, set in Pakistan, is responsible for the killings of the Iranian soldiers, last month. The Iranian military has accused that the terrorists from this group had used the ‘Long range guns’ from the Pakistani border to kill the Iranian soldiers. Iran had shown fierce displeasure over this and had given an appropriate warning to Pakistan. However, now by giving warning of launching direct attacks on the shelter locations of the terrorists in Pakistan, the Iranian military chief has adopted an aggressive stance. 

The military chief of IranMajor General Mohammad Bagheri also gave warning that Iran would not tolerate the terrorist attacks on the border. He warned of an aggressive action stating that if Pakistan will not take any action against the terrorists then Iran would target and crush them. In their visit to Pakistan last week, the foreign ministers of Iran had hinted the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif to give appropriate attention towards border security. After that ,the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Zarif had visited Afghanistan and had expressed the role of Iran regarding terrorism in clear words.

The foreign ministers of Iran had called upon and said “Iran does not discriminate terrorism as good or bad. It is essential that Afghanistan and Iran must jointly fight against the conflict of terrorism. This is the necessity to keep the borders of both the nations secured”. Against this backdrop, the warning given by the military heads of Iran, is proving to grab attention.

Earlier, the neighbouring countries of Pakistan like India and Afghanistan had consistently complained about Pakistan for giving shelter to the terrorists and have demanded action against it. Since a last few years Iran has also adopted an aggressive stance on this and the warning is given about the direct action which could prove to bring Pakistan into trouble.

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