Pakistan suspends action against Hafiz Saeed

Islamabad: ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) meeting is in progress in Paris, the French capital. In this meet, efforts to place Pakistan in the ‘watch list’, for sheltering and providing all kinds of aid to terrorists are being made. Following this, news of Pakistan taking action against the terrorist organisations had surfaced. But, now it is clear that Pakistan has become reluctant to continue with the actions. Pakistani media has claimed that Pakistan avoids any action against terrorist like Hafiz Saeed, fearing that any such move could trigger instability in Pakistan.

hafiz saeed, pakistan, The United States and Britain have submitted the proposal to include Pakistan in the ‘watch list’ which is also supported by Germany and France. There was an uproar in Pakistan after this news. Pakistani analysts are saying that this will put further strain on the Pakistani economy, which is already nearing insolvency. If Pakistan gets included in the list, no foreign investment will come to Pakistan and there is a strong possibility of the existing investment being withdrawn. Thus, Pakistan, out of panic, had started to act against the terrorist organisations. Accordingly, Pakistan had indicated action against Hafiz Saeed and his terrorist organisation ‘Jamaat-ud-Dawa’.

A different angle was presented to the Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in a high-level meeting held regarding the action. An extremist had held protests in Islamabad with 2000 supporters, in November last year. It looked as if Islamabad was held at ransom. In such circumstances, if an action is initiated against a big terrorist like Hafiz Saeed, thousands of his supporters will take to protests and there will be anarchy in Pakistan, was the fear expressed by few people to Prime Minister Abbasi. And it is under the pressure of this possibility,the Pakistani Prime Minister has put the action against Saeed on hold.

The repercussions of this may be seen in the FATF meeting in Paris. This has further cleared the path to place Pakistan in the ‘watch list’.

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