Hafiz Saeed assures of providing a capable political leadership to Pakistan, in his election campaign

Lahore: Blaming that Pakistan is helping the terrorists instead of taking action against them, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has included Pakistan in its grey list. Following this, Pakistan was expected to take harsh action against the terrorists. But instead, these terrorists and the extremist leaders are seen to be campaigning for the upcoming elections in Pakistan. The mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks and Chief of the Jamaat ud-Dava, Hafiz Saeed is appealing to the electorate to make his party victorious and is assuring that his is the only party that can save Pakistan.

Pakistan Election Commission had refused to register the Milli Muslim League party formed by Hafiz Saeed. Therefore, Hafiz Saeed has jumped into the election fray in Pakistan, under the umbrella of the ‘Allah Ho Akbar Tehreek’ party. Hafiz Saeed has been campaigning hard in Lahore and saying that only he can save Pakistan, he is showering stormy criticism on all the political parties in Pakistan.

‘Only our party can provide a capable and strong political leadership. We will also work at our best for solving the Kashmir issue as also the water problem in Pakistan,’ are the assurances given by Hafiz in his campaign rallies. Saeed’s son and son-in-law are also contesting the elections and his party has fielded a total of 265 candidates in the election. While appealing to vote for them, he is warning that India is the biggest threat to Pakistan. The threat is not only from Indians but there is also a threat from the West, Saeed said indicating the United States and other western countries.

The established political parties are enemy agents and they are fighting the elections for their own selfish goals. This has lead to the poor state of Pakistan and now the country needs a strong political leadership and only his party can provide that, is the confident claim with which Saeed is assuring the electorate.

There are other extremist leaders and their supporters have entered the election fray and they are also claiming that they are the only saviours of Pakistan. But it is being revealed that Hafiz Saeed is being helped by the infamous Pakistani intelligence agency ‘ISI’. Some people have claimed that the ISI agents are working for Hafiz Saeed and therefore Hafiz may be in a position to have some influence on the elections. The liberals in Pakistan are expressing severe displeasure that the terrorist leader who is the reason for Pakistan’s inclusion in the FATF Grey List is given an opportunity to take part in the elections and to campaign. The liberal group is of the opinion that he would not have dared to participate in the elections without the help of the Pakistani agencies. The liberal group has also claimed that one more derogatory message about Pakistan has been sent out to the world due to this.

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