Pakistan claims arrest of a blacklisted US ‘spy’

IslamabadPakistan has claimed to have arrested an US spy, who was blacklisted by Pakistan a few years ago and was barred from entering the country. The name of the arrested US citizen is ‘Mathew Barrett‘, informed a Pakistan official.


Pakistan claims of arresting US spy

Mathew was arrested from a guest house in Islamabad, the country’s capital, in an operation by the country’s ’Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’. It is still unknown how long Mathew Craig Barrett has been in Pakistan. But the two persons who gave shelter to Mathew have been arrested. The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has ordered an investigation into how Mathews managed to enter Pakistan. The lapse in the security system of the ‘Bhutto International Airport’ is said to be responsible for Mathew’s entry in Pakistan.

Mathew was deported from Pakistan in 2011 by the country’s security agencies. At the time, he was arrested because he was found to be suspiciously roaming the ‘Fateh Jung’ area, a secret military base in Pakistan.

Before the 2011 arrest, Mathew was residing in Pakistan for four years and had even married a Pakistani woman. Although the Pakistan government had charged him for espionage, Mathew refuted the charges claiming that he was a victim of the then simmering tensions between the US and Pakistan.

Five years back, an US embassy official – Raymond Davis had shot dead two Pakistani officials in Lahore. Davis, in his defense, had claimed that both the officials belonged to the Pakistan secret services and had tried to kill him, whereas, Pakistan had claimed that Davis was an official of the US secret services and was gathering information against Pakistan. This incident had increased the strain in the relations between the US and Pakistan.

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