Pakistan army willing to pardon TTP should itself beg for forgiveness: Tehrik-i-Taliban

Islamabad: ‘Forgiveness is sought for mistakes. We will never apologise for what we are struggling to achieve. Instead, the Pakistan army should beg for their lives to us’, threatened Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP). Two days ago, Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi appealed to TTP militants to surrender and declared to pardon them. But, Tehrik dismissed Qureshi’s offer and threatened the Pak army.    


Ever since the Taliban captured the Afghan capital Kabul, Taliban-backed Tehrik-i-Taliban‘s attacks in Pakistan have increased. Besides, Pakistan has expressed concerns that TTP’s attacks have risen compared to the last two years. Tehrik militants carried out heavy attacks against the Pak army in North and South Waziristan. Moreover, Pak soldiers have been known to flee some places due to such attacks.  

Taliban has asserted that it will not control TTP. Moreover, Pakistan has adopted a stance to resolve issues with the TTP amicably through discussion. Thus, foreign minister Qureshi appealed to the TTP to surrendered and offered to forgive. This has caused agitation in Pakistan. Qureshi has betrayed the Pak citizens by pardoning TTP, slammed Pak media.    

In such a case, Tehrik itself dismissed Qureshi’s offer. Besides, the discussion is possible only if the Pakistan agencies agree to our terms. Else, they must beg for forgiveness, threatened Tehrik. A few days ago, the TTP chief said that he did not consider the Afghan-Pakistan Durand Line and declared to capture the Pashtun region in Pakistan.   

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