No country is safe from the Russian intercontinental missiles, warns Russian President

Moscow/Washington: Russian missiles have the longest range as compared to any missiles possessed by any other country and no country is safe from the them. Even the anti-missile systems of the enemy will not be useful against these Russian missiles, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin. This announcement was made by President Putin while addressing the Russian State of the Union speech about the test results. This has elicited reactions from the western countries and the US has accused Russia of violation of the Cold War treaties.


President Putin informed the Parliament about Russia’s intercontinental missile tests over the past few months. In his half hour speech, Putin threatened the western countries by releasing the information about manufacturing of the most lethal nuclear weapons. The Russian President warned by saying that, ‘the smallest nuclear attack on Russia or Russian interests will be considered as an attack on Russia; and I consider it my duty to retaliate more aggressively to such attacks.’

At the same time, President Putin criticised the new nuclear policy of the United States. The Russian President alleged that the new nuclear policy of the United States says that ‘we will retaliate to a missile attack with a nuclear attack’, and added that similar aggressive changes have been made in the Russian policy too.

vladimir putin, russia, cold war, nuclear, missilesPresident Putin informed about the missile tests conducted over the past few months. Putin said that Russia has manufactured nuclear-capable ballistic missiles with super advance category, indestructible hypersonic missiles and a submarine with nuclear capabilities. The Russian President also mentioned the RS-28 Sarmat (Satan-2) missiles. This missile capable of carrying 15 nuclear warheads at a time, is claimed to have a range of 16,000 kilometers.

The missiles tested by the Russian army last month, can evade any radar of anti-missile systems of the western countries. President Putin claimed in the Parliamentary speech that these missiles cannot be intercepted. President Putin declared that these indestructible missiles have the highest destruction capability and every corner of the world is within its range. After this President Putin appealed to the Russian people to suggest a name for this weapon of mass destruction created by the Russian army.

Strong reactions continue from the United States and allied nations about this warning issued by the Russian President. Russia has violated the treaty of the Cold War period by creating intercontinental, indestructible weapon of mass destruction, alleged Dana White, the Pentagon spokesperson. The Pentagon spokesperson also said that the US army is prepared to counter the threat of these Russian missiles. Along with the US, Japan also has criticised the aggressive speech by the Russian President.

The Russian President answered to the criticism by the United States and its allies in an interview to a US-based news channel. ‘Treaty for banning the ballistic missiles was signed between the United States and Russia in 1972. But as the US has already violated the treaty, so Russia went ahead with the creation of these intercontinental missiles’, explained the Russian President in defence of his stance.

International analysts have said that the announcement of the Russian President will trigger an arms race around the world. Against the backdrop of these elections, experts have pointed out that the Russian elections are only two weeks away and President Putin’s warning to the western countries is part of Russia’s internal politics.

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