Situation along Indo-Chinese border could deteriorate, warns Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Subhash Bhamre

New Delhi: The situation on the Chinese border is sensitive and can deteriorate further, warned Union Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Subhash Bhamre. The Minister of State for Defence also reminded that considering the situation in the neighbouring countries, India is facing multiple security challenges. India is making efforts for defusing the border tension, said Dr. Bhamre. This statement of the Minister of State for Defence, gains importance in view of the Chinese attempts to increase strategic pressure on India.


dr. subhash bhamre, Indian army, doklam, chinaThe Minister of State for Defence was speaking at a seminar organised by the Indian army and a study group. The situation along the Indo-Chinese border has become very sensitive. Dr. Bhamre drew attention to the fact saying that the tension here can increase and the situation can deteriorate further. The Indian and Chinese armies have frequent standoffs and the incidences of Chinese intrusion are seen at regular intervals. It cannot be denied that during a stand-off the situation can get out of control. There are many incidents taking place along the border and any of them could escalate the tension, said Dr. Bhamre.

In spite of this, India is making efforts to defuse the tension. India is taking all the necessary measures in the border area, informed Dr. Bhamre. This is considered a very important cue given by the Minister of State for Defence at a time when China is making aggressive moves along the border. A week ago, Chinese analyst Hu Xiong had predicted that ‘Doklam’ like situation between Indian and China is likely to repeat itself. Prior to that China had taken a decision to strengthen its air security along the Indian border.

China had announced deployment of ‘J-10’ and ‘J-11’ fighter jets near the Indian Border. A Chinese official had claimed that the decision of increasing the air security was taken in view of the threat from India. A fleet of 6 Chinese destroyers was deployed in the Indian Ocean region. It has become clear that China is doing all this to increase the strategic pressure on India.

China was cornered because of the firm stand adopted by India in the ‘Doklam’ dispute, last year. China had tried to remind India of the defeat in the 1962 war, while threatening of a fresh war. But India handled the issue with a lot of self-confidence and China had to back off. Indian analysts had warned that a country like China will not stop short of revenge.

Chinese soldiers made attempts of intrusion in India even after this. But due to the alertness of the Indian army these attempts were foiled. But it was consistently reported that China was preparing for another ‘Doklam’. The Chinese officials and analysts were openly threatening India in that period. Against this background, the warning issued by the Minister of State, Dr. Subhash Bhamre, comes as a clear message about the aggressive Chinese strategy.

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