Netherlands accuses Russia of shooting down Malaysian passenger plane MH-17, over Ukraine

Third World WarNew York: 298 people had died in the crash of a Malaysian Airliner in Ukraine in 2014. Netherlands has accused that this was not an accident but Russia had shot down the passenger airliner. The Netherlands Foreign Minister criticised Russia in vitriolic words in the United Nations Security Council and demanded that Russia should accept the responsibility of the attack. The United States has also supported this demand and has warned Russia that it will stand firmly behind Netherlands on this issue. Russia has dismissed all the allegations made against it.


The Netherlands and Australian joint investigation team submitted its report in the Hague, regarding the ‘MH-17’ crash. There was a clear inference drawn that a Russian missile was used to shoot down the airliner. Netherlands’ Foreign Minister Stef Blok targeted Russia in the UN Security Council, on the basis of this report.

MH-17, ukraine, netherlands, russia, us, unsc, nikki haley‘298 people from 17 countries lost their lives in the Ukrainian conflict on 17th July 2014. The Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down in the territory of the pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. After a long drawn independent investigation, it has been proved that the plane was shot down with a ‘BUK’ missile of the Russian military. It has also been proved in the investigation that the missile was a part of the Russian 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade. On the basis of this report, Netherlands and Australia demand that Russia should accept the responsibility for the attack and cooperate in further investigation,’ the Netherlands’ Foreign Minister levelled this sensational allegation on Russia.

The United States strongly supported the Netherlands’ Foreign Minister’s accusations. ‘The relatives of the people who died in the MH-17 crash have a right to get answers. We welcome the report submitted by the investigation team last week. We support the demand made by Netherlands and Australia that Russia should accept the responsibility of the attack and cooperate in punishing the involved people,’ US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned Russia.

Russia dismissed the accusations made in the Security Council and the Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya, said that issuing such ultimatums to a country like Russia is inappropriate. Last week, President Putin too, had dismissed the accusation of Russian involvement in the MH-17 crash.

Former Prime Minister Abbott demands expulsion of the Russian Ambassador from Australia

Canberra: ‘If Russia does not ask for forgiveness for the MH-17 crash, expel the Russian Ambassador from Australia’, is the aggressive demand forwarded by former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The country cannot remain calm after of 38 Australian citizens have lost their lives. Australian Foreign Minister also made an insistent demand in the Parliament that Russia should accept responsibility of the crash and initiate talks about further action.


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