Joint naval war exercise by India, US & Japan in disputed South China Sea

Okinawa, date-11th – The combined war practice has begun between the Indian, US and the Japanese navies near Malabar. This practice has been initiated at a distance of 400 kilometers from Senkaku group of islands, Japan and the battleships belonging to all the 3 countries, along with destroyer warships, submarines, helicopters and the war planes are too counted in this preparation. According to the Chinese officials, the war practice that is in progress near the East China Sea’s Senkaku islands is like a warning for China.Malabar-Exercise-US-Japan-India


The Malabar war practice is arranged every year for the Indian and the US navy.  With the inclusion of Japan, there is a noticeable increase in the cooperation and co-ordination between the navies of these three countries. The Indian Naval Officers have expressed firm faith in the fact that the marine war practice in the the East China Sea this year will prove to bring more stability in this cooperation. US Nimitz class warship ‘USS Stenis’ that carries the war planes has been included in this war practice. Besides, US’s 20 warships and submarines, long range spy planes, super hornet fighter planes and 100 other planes are incorporated in this war practice.


Due to the involvement of the US navy, the scope of war practice has increased tremendously. The destroyer ships like ISS Sahyadri having the ability to trick the radar machines, fuel carrying freighters like ISS Shakti and ISS Kirch have participated in this war practice. Japan’s helicopter carrier JS Hyuga and the chief ships of the navy and the border security force are practicing in the Malabar. The practice of tracking and destroying the Chinese submarines was carried out at that time. The Indian Navy Officers informed about the various strategies and the war ethics followed in the practice.

There is an inclusion of submarines in a large quantity in the Chinese navy. Also, keeping in view the increase in the presence of the Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean, the war practice turns out to be very crucial for India.  It seems China has been strongly warned by Japan and US by organizing the war practice at the Senkaku islands chain on which China is claiming their right.

In 2013, China had declared a ‘defence identification zone’ in this marine territory. China had thus reserved the right to shoot down planes or ships that entered this area without giving a prior notice. However, countries like Japan, US, the European unions and Australia responded irately towards this. These countries stated firmly that they refused to accept this decision made by China. On this background, the war practice that has commenced in this marine territory proves as a direct warning to China.

From past a few months, an increase in the activities of the Chinese navy has been observed in the South China Sea and as well as the East China Sea. Japan had accused the Chinese planes for entering their aerial territory a few days ago. Likewise, the Chinese planes had taken off alongside the US planes hovering in this area. Accusing China regarding the narrow escape of both the planes,US had asked for an explanation of the same. Due to this, the war practice by India navy along with Japan and US in this tensed area, has gained strategic importance.

China had sternly objected the involvement of the Japan with India and US in the Malabar war practice. Hence, due to China’s opposition, Japan was not made a part of the practice organized in India. Later on, the actions of the China against India augmented and so it was decided that Japan could be a part of the Malabar war practice. This war practice is an action carried out against China, accused the media of the Chinese government. At the same time, India, US and Japan clearly stated that this war practice and the naval co-operation has not been organized against any single country in particular.

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