US warns Russia of consequences for threatening Ukraine

Washington/Kyiv/Moscow: – Jen Psaki, the spokeswoman of the White House, warned, ‘The United States is in contact with its allies over the Russian military deployment near the Ukraine border. Russia will have to face direct and indirect consequences for this. The announcement will be made shortly.’ US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin is on a visit to the allies and will also be visiting the NATO headquarters. The United States is preparing to deploy two destroyers in the Black Sea sector. Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of the Russian foreign ministry, said that if the tension between the United States and Russia festers, the US population will face an additional burden of USD 714 billion.  


us-warns-russiaReports and photographs have been received that Russian tanks, military vehicles, missile systems and soldiers have surrounded Ukraine. It is claimed that Crimea, acquired by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, has nearly 32,700 Russian soldiers in a state of readiness. Russian soldiers have also been deployed in support of the Russian supporter rebels in Luhansk and Donetsk. Ukraine also had made massive military deployments near the Donbass border. Ukraine has also incited Russia, demanding membership in NATO. Therefore, it is claimed that a war-like situation has been created on the Ukraine border, once again, after six years.   

The United States has jumped into the fray, and White House spokeswoman Psaki has issued a warning to Russia. Psaki said, ‘President Biden has already clarified that the United States will reply to every Russian activity to create instability in Ukraine or any other region during his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The United States will decide the appropriate time to reply.’  

Psaki also levelled the accusation that Russia is showing aggression with this military deployment near the eastern Ukraine border. Psaki said that the United States is in constant contact with its allies, from the sector, over the issue. Psaki informed that these include allies and partners from Europe, including Ukraine. While this conflict is brewing between Russia and Ukraine, the US Secretary of Defence will be visiting the United Kingdom, Germany and NATO headquarters. 

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