Uneasy at military exercises in Japan, China warns: ‘US will lose to China at war’

Beijing: Chinese uneasiness has increased given the joint war exercises between the United States, Japan, Australia and France. The Chinese state-run mouthpiece, ‘The Global Times’, warned that ‘The United States is challenging China by holding the war exercises. But if the United States declares war against China in the coming times, the United States will not be able to sustain the war. The US will be defeated in the war.’ After that, the People’s Liberation Army released a video of its war exercises. The video showcases drills that simulate a takeover of Taiwan. 


Last week, the war exercise ‘Jeanne D’ARC 2021’ began in the Kyushu region of Japan. The militaries of the democratic countries in the Indo-Pacific, such as the United States, France, Australia, are participating in the exercises along with Japan. Destroyers and submarines from these nations are participating in the exercise. According to international analysts, the week-long drills are a warning for China. The United States and Japan are said to have organised the drills to send a message to China that their allies can enter the Indo-Pacific to contain the increasing Chinese influence if necessary. 

China’s government mouthpiece ‘The Global Times’ took cognisance of it, threatening the United States and its allies. “The four countries are wasting their strength by holding the military exercise. Under the pretext of freedom of navigation, Australia and the European countries are trying to counter China in the region by sending their warships. The United States has also invited some of its other allies for the same reason. The European countries are sending their warships for gaining publicity. However, China will not be affected in any way with these activities,” the mouthpiece claimed. 

The Global Times went on to say that “In the coming times, the front formed by the United States and the European countries will not last for long. At the same time, if the United States declared war against China in the South China Sea, the strength of Chinese army, navy and air force is sufficient to overwhelm them and win the war”. The Global Times then said, “China is also confident that its nuclear deterrent will ensure that the US dares not engage in nuclear blackmail against China”. 

Meanwhile, the United States is seriously considering reviving the First Fleet of the US Navy to increase its strength in the Indo-Pacific sector. The First Fleet was operational in the western Pacific Ocean between 1943 to 1973. Thereafter, the First Fleet was retired from services of the US Navy. Nevertheless, given the increasing Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific, the United States is seriously considering reactivation of the First Fleet. Kenneth Braithwaite, former United States Navy Secretary, presented a proposal in this respect. 

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