Narrowminded nationalism cannot be justified in case of Corona vaccine: Indian Finance Minister warns developed countries

New Delhi: – Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman warned that when the world faces the Corona crisis, the nationalism card cannot be played in respect of the vaccines. The supply of technology and raw materials cannot be stopped in these times, pointing to intellectual property rights. The developed countries will have to adopt a liberal policy regarding this. The United States had stopped supplying raw materials to India, keeping in view the profits for its own companies. Rich entrepreneurs in the United States are demanding that the vaccine manufacturing processes should not be opened up to protect intellectual property rights. The Indian Finance Minister made this appeal against this background.

Union Finance Minister was speaking at a function of the Asian Development Bank. While the Corona crisis is playing havoc, the US industry sector demands the vaccine technology not to be supplied to anyone, quoting the Trade-Related Aspects and Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPR). These industrialists also demand that if the vaccines developed in the United States are to be sold worldwide, the raw materials supply needed for these vaccines must be stopped. The US industry is unwilling to consider the problem from a humanitarian angle. It only looks at the business opportunity. This callous attitude is facing severe criticism. At the same time, countries like India are pointing out that the US pharmaceutical industry is heavily dependent on the raw materials imported from India.

Against this background, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman warned that the developed countries’ narrow-minded nationalism is not sustainable regarding the Corona vaccine during these times of crisis. Sitharaman clarified that the developed countries must reconsider the TRIPR to adopt a liberal policy, at least about Corona. We are always demanding that the countries should open their markets and the exchange of raw materials should be free and open. It is vital to decide this matter, as it creates obstacles in producing the Corona vaccines. Therefore, it will be a matter of greatest satisfaction if these issues are resolved, clearing paths for expediting the manufacture of Corona vaccine.’

As per the TRIPR, the technology and production based on research cannot be duplicated by any other country. This is illegal for the members of the World Trade Organisation. But India and the other developing countries are demanding relaxation in this law regarding the Corona pandemic and vaccines. It has been exposed that these developed countries, generally singing praises of globalisation, have wound up the concept of globalisation in the Corona Vaccine issues. Indian Finance Minister is pointing out, in a different language, that this is double standards. During this humanitarian crisis, these developed countries, which promote globalisation and adopt narrow-minded nationalist policies, only expose them. Therefore, the voice raised by India against it has become very significant.

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