Pakistan will retaliate if India attacks, claims Pakistani Defence Minister

Islamabad : The Indian Defence Minister had warned that Pakistan will have to pay a price, after the Sunjwan attacks in Jammu-Kashmir. Pakistan seems to have panicked after this. Pakistan Defence Minister, Khurram Dastgir, has warned that there will be retaliation if India dares to attack Pakistan. At the same time, there was no Pakistani involvement in the Sunjwan attacks and India is making baseless allegations, claimed the Defence Minister of Pakistan.


pakistan, india, terrorist attack, Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Army Chief Bipin Rawat visited Jammu-Kashmir following the Sunjwan terrorist attack. At that time, Defence Minister Sitharaman accused Pakistan of being involved in the coward attack, while addressing the press conference. Defence Minister Sitharaman also informed that the terrorists were receiving instructions from across the border. The Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) has found evidence in support of this and Pakistan will have to pay for this attack, said Sitharaman warning Pakistan.

There were reactions from Pakistan, within minutes of the warning issued by the Indian Defence Minister. The Pakistan media have started expressing concerns that India will carry out new surgical strikes within Pakistan. The Pakistan Defence Minister’s message warning India was published on the social media, after this. If India crosses the Pakistan border with misguided war plans, it will be strongly replied said Dastgir in this message.

Dastgir claimed, if India carries out any action, small or big, the reaction from Pakistan will be dreadful. He has also criticised that there is no basis for the accusations made by India about Pakistan involvement in the Sunjwan attack. Along with this, Dastgir also said that we are prepared to take necessary steps to protect the Pakistani land. Even before there have been claims from the leaders and the army officers about Pakistan being prepared for any possible aggression by India. But, in fact, Pakistan seems to have panicked with the worry of an Indian attack.

US President Trump, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis and US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson had warned Pakistan to act against the terrorists. After initially ignoring the warning, there is news that Pakistan has initiated strong action against the terrorists. Therefore, the Pakistan government in mood to defy the United States, seems to be under immense pressure.

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