More than 2,000 immigrants intrude into Italy in a single day; Indications of immigrant issue festering in Europe

Rome: – As per reports, more than 2,000 immigrants intruded into Italy on Sunday. This is the first instance of such a mass scale intrusion this year. The Italian rightist leader, Matteo Salvini, has adopted an aggressive stand in this matter and has warned that these immigrants cannot be accommodated when millions of Italian citizens face a crisis. The European Commission also expressed concerns over this intrusion and has appealed to the other member countries to assist Italy.   


There is enormous scale violence in the Sahel region in western and Central Africa, comprising Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. The African citizens, tired of the violence, are trying to migrate to Europe. As these citizens are prepared for the options to migrate to Europe or death, the influx of immigrants is increasing in Europe. These immigrants are illegally intruding into Italy and Spain, and this incident confirms the intrusion.  

More than 2,000 immigrants landed on the Italian island, Lampedusa, loaded on ships. These immigrants came on some boats of voluntary organisations for immigrants and others of the criminal gangs involved in human trafficking. It is said that the Italian authorities succeeded in stopping hundreds of illegal immigrants on nine boats. But still, the intrusion of more than 2,000 illegal immigrants landing in Italy on one day only points to the festering immigrant issue in Europe.   

More than 11,000 illegal immigrants have intruded into Italy in the last four months. The incidence of unlawful intrusions has increased while the Italian government and administration is busy fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Intense reactions are being received from the rightist groups over the issue. Northern League Chief Matteo Salvini has adopted a very aggressive stance on the subject.   

Salvini warned, ‘When millions of Italians are faced with a crisis, Italy cannot accommodate these immigrants. The Italian government should implement the regulations imposed by France and the other countries regarding immigrants.’ In the past, Internal Security Minister Salvini had taken stern actions against the ships bringing in the immigrants and the criminal gangs involved in the activity. But after the change in the government, the measures have cooled off, and this intrusion on Sunday seems to be the result of this.   

Only last week, the United Nations issued a severe warning that the immigrant intrusion problem in Europe will aggravate. The alert and this incident of intrusion into Italy indicate that the problem of immigrant intrusion in Europe is set to fester again. 

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