More than 5,000 Coronavirus deaths in the world in the last 24 hours

Washington/Rome: – Coronavirus, which is on a rampage around the globe, claimed more than 5,400 lives on Monday. A reduction in the number of new cases has been observed, compared to the last few days. But the Coronavirus pandemic has entered an important phase in the United States, Europe and the Asian countries and the global leaders and medical officials have warned that a conscious effort is necessary during this period.



1,433 patients died in the United States on Monday and the total number of deaths in the country has reached 42,138. The lockdown is being relaxed in some parts of the United States and the White House has expressed concerns over the actions.

Following the United States, 547 deaths have been reported from France, taking the total number of deaths in the country to 20,265. France becomes the fourth country to report more than 20,000 deaths due to Coronavirus. Medical officer Solomon said this was an unfortunate event in the country’s medical history. The pandemic claimed 454 lives in Italy taking the total number of deaths to 24,114, the highest in Europe. Whereas, there has been an addition of 2,256 new cases in this country. 449 lives were claimed in the United Kingdom, in one day and the number of deaths has reached 16,509.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and the other European countries have said that a reduction in the number of new cases, has been observed over the last few days. But the rules defined for the Coronavirus pandemic will have to be followed in the time to come. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that although the speed of the pandemic has slowed down the Coronavirus has not been eradicated.

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