US and Australia deliver a message to China performing a joint war exercise in the South China Sea  

Canberra: – The US and Australian warships recently held joint war exercises in the South China Sea. The United States and Australia have delivered a stern message to China, by holding the war exercises close to the Chinese vessels, carrying out oil exploration, in the marine regions of Vietnam and Malaysia. Since the last few days, Chinese aggression was on the rise in the South China Sea. Against this background, Joint exercises held by the United States and Australia, in the region, become significant.  


A report had recently been published that two warships, of the US navy, were patrolling in the South China Sea region. After completion of the campaign by the US aircraft carrier in the sector, two US warships, USS America, an amphibious aircraft carrier and USS Bunker Hill, a warship equipped with air defence systems, were deployed in the sector by the US navy. On Tuesday, HMAS Parramatta, a frigate from the Australian navy, reached this region, carrying out joint exercises with the US warships. The Australian defence ministry published the details of the exercises. The Australian navy also clarified that these were scheduled exercises, between the US and Australian navy. The United States said that these exercises were necessary to ensure free freight movement from the region. As per the website monitoring, the global marine movements informed that the joint exercises were held very close to the site where the Chinese ships were carrying out oil exploration under the security of the Chinese patrol vessels.  

As per the information received, this Chinese exploration is in the marine regions of Vietnam and Malaysia. The dispute between these two south-east Asian countries and China has flared up, since the last few days. The United States has declared support for the sovereign right of these two countries, challenging Chinese bullying. Against this background, the joint exercises held by the US and Australian navies in the region, become a confidence booster for Vietnam and Malaysia. 

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