EU announces Green Pass against the background of Coronavirus pandemic

Brussels: Europe, which has been the worst hit by Coronavirus, only second to the United States, has started quick moves to get out of the crisis. Ursula Von Der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced a Digital Green Pass for the member countries’ citizens. It has been clarified that only the European citizens, who have been vaccinated, will avail this facility. But resistance is coming from within Europe and a leading country like Belgium has refused to participate in the scheme.


EU announces Green Pass against the background of Coronavirus pandemicThe total number of Coronavirus cases globally has reached 117 million, and nearly 2.6 million people have died. 22.5 million cases have been reported from the European countries; more than 547,000 people have died. But at the same time, reports are being received from around the world that there is a reduction in Coronavirus cases.

The concerned agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom, have informed that the number of cases recorded per week has declined by nearly 40% to 50%. This reduction is due to vaccination and other treatments. Against this background, many countries have started making concessions in many sectors and starting day-to-day activities to boost the economies. The proposal for Digital Green Pass, brought by the European Union is also a part of the same efforts. This Digital Green Pass will have the medical information regarding the passenger. Whether the person has been tested for Corona and whether the person is a Coronavirus patient will also be contained in the pass. Sources informed that the pass will contain certain information regarding the Coronavirus vaccine. It is claimed that the pass will play an important role in ensuring that the passengers have a safe journey. But this claim has not been firmly endorsed.EU announces Green Pass against the background of Coronavirus pandemic

Although the European Union is supporting the pass, it is being revealed that all the member countries are not supporting the pass. Belgium has expressed opposition to the pass. Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes has warned that there are chances of discrimination with this pass. Wilmes said, ‘Pass is a very confusing concept and we are opposed to linking it to the freedom of movement.’

There is a chaotic situation in Europe over the vaccination issue and only 6% of citizens have received the vaccine. The vaccination drive is facing massive criticism in many countries and the differences in the Union also are surfacing against this background.

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