Coronavirus cases in India cross 5 lakh; Maharashtra witnesses five thousand cases in just one day

New Delhi/ Mumbai: The number of Coronavirus cases in India has crossed five lakhs. In just a week, the country has recorded new cases over a lakh. Moreover, the Coronavirus cases found in the states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu are breaking records every day. On Friday, 175 people died in Maharashtra, and over 5000 new cases emerged.


Coronavirus cases in India

Since Thursday until Friday morning, 407 people have died due to the Coronavirus. Besides, 17,296 new cases are found. The country has recorded cases over 17,000 for two consecutive days. Hence, the total number of Covid patients in the country has reached up to 4,90,000. However, as per the information released by various states on Friday, it is clear that the number of deaths due to Covid is over 15,500 and the total number of cases is 5,05,000.

In only 24 hours, 175 people died due to the Coronavirus, and 5024 more cases have been found. Even on Thursday, the state reported about 5,000 cases. Besides, healthcare is facing a great challenge, as Maharashtra recorded 5,000 cases in only 24 hours. The total number of cases in Maharashtra has reached over 1.5 lakhs. In 24 hours, 44 people have died in Mumbai, and 1297 new patients have been recorded.

93 people have died due to the virus in Delhi in just 24 hours, and 3460 new patients have been recorded. Moreover, Delhi has sought the help of the army to arrange for special wards for Covid patients. Besides, the field medics have also arrived in Delhi for the purpose. On Friday, Tamil Nadu reported 36544 new patients. Gujarat reported 18 deaths and 480 new cases. Furthermore, Andhra Pradesh reported 605 and West Bengal reported 542 new cases.

Meanwhile, following West Bengal, Jharkhand and Assam governments have declared to increase lockdown in their states.

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