PM Modi receives highest civilian honour from UAE

Abu Dhabi: Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was conferred the highest civilian award ‘Order of Nahyan’ by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This award is given in the name and memory of the founder of UAE, ‘Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping were honoured with this award. Speaking on this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said that the relations between India and UAE were at its best.


After the abrogation of Article 370, Pakistan had initiated malicious campaigning against India across the world and expected to receive backing from Islamic countries. Further, Pakistan Prime Minister alleged Indian political leadership of being fascist. However, by awarding the highest civilian honour to the Indian Prime Minister, the UAE government has delivered a tight slap on Pakistan’s face. This proves the strengthened relations between India and the UAE.

PM Modi receives highest civilian honour from UAE

Prime Minister Modi presented the Indian stand on Article 370, during an interview with the official UAE news agency. “Abolition of the article is an internal matter of India. The people of Jammu-Kashmir were separated from the other citizens because of Article 370. The decision to abolish the article was taken to prevent the rising extremism and terrorism, in the youth from Kashmir,” Prime Minister said. Prime Minister Modi thanked the UAE for supporting the Indian decision.

“The trade between India and UAE reached USD 60 billion for the year 2018-19,” said Prime Minister Modi notifying that the Indian companies are making significant ticket investments in UAE. Also, UAE has announced an investment of USD 75 billion in India. During the interview, he said that cooperation in the energy, food, ports, airport development and defence manufacturing is becoming more comprehensive.

In the last four years, the relations between the two countries have strengthened further. Prime Minister asserted that the current times are the best for the relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, the analysts highlight that more than 2 million Indians are employed in the UAE, and this accounts for 27% of the total UAE population. UAE and the other Gulf countries are looking at India as a reliable destination for investment. Therefore, the Indian relations with the Gulf countries are fortifying further, and this fact is reflected by the developing partnership between India and UAE.

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