Heroin worth ₹300 crore seized in Punjab along Indo-Pakistan border

Gurdaspur: – The Border Security Force (BSF) seized a huge narcotics haul, on the India-Pakistan border in Punjab on Sunday, early in the morning. BSF informed that the heroin is worth around ₹3 billion in the international market.   



This heroin was being smuggled in the Ravi river, near the international border with Pakistan. The BSF found some suspicious movements of the smugglers, who were trying to send these narcotics into India, in a bag tied to a rope. After that, this heroin was seized by the BSF in a swift action. Although the smugglers escaped taking advantage of darkness, it is suspected that these smugglers are hiding in the same area. Therefore, a large search operation has been launched.  


There has been an increase in narcotic smuggling from Pakistan. Attempts of narcotic smuggling are being made repeatedly despite the Coronavirus crisis. Three weeks ago, BSF had seized four kilograms of heroin from the Pakistan border. In June, 7 kilograms of heroin had been seized on the Pakistan border. The price of this heroin in the international market is nearly ₹350 million. Four people had been arrested in this connection.  

It has already been exposed that the heroin smuggling through the Pakistan border has a direct link to terror funding. The money generated through the sale of these narcotics goes to the terrorist organisations and separatists. Following difficulties faced in smuggling due to tightening of security on the land border, an attempt of smuggling is being made through the waterways. Last year, heroin worth nearly ₹30 billion had been seized by the BSF in different actions on the Pakistan border.   Narcotics

As per one report, the BSF has seized 6,886 kilograms of narcotic substances in the first half of this year, valued at billions of rupees in the international market. The BSF soldiers are deployed on the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh borders. Maximum narcotics, out of these, have been seized on the Pakistan border. These include Heroin, Hashish, Cannabis and other narcotic substances. There has been an increase of 47% in the narcotic smuggling through the India-Pakistan border in the first six months of this year, as compared to the corresponding period of 2019. 

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