India’s ‘Maritime Theatre Command’ will be operationalised in a year

New Delhi: – Indian ‘Maritime Theatre Command’, responsible for the security of the seven and a half thousand long coastline, will be active in the next year. Since the last few years, large scale restructuring has been undertaken to increase the war capabilities of the defence forces and Maritime Theatre Command is considered to be a decisive phase in the process. After the formation of the command, navies on both the coasts, east and west, all the naval fighter jets, two Amphibious Infantry Brigades of the Army and the coast guard command will be under the control of the chief of the Maritime Theatre command.   

In the last few years, the Chinese navy has emerged as the world’s largest navy. On the strength of this, China is making aggressive moves in the Indian Ocean region. As per military analysts these movements of Chinese submarines, destroyers and warships in the Indian Ocean region, are only to threaten Indian security. The Chinese plot is to corner India in its marine region. The Chinese thinking is that this will restrict India to its marine region and it will not be able to contribute to the security of the Indo-Pacific region. Taking cognisance of the Chinese plot, India is taking rapid steps to augment its naval strength.   

As per this, India has started working on the concept of Maritime Theatre Command. The final plan regarding this will be submitted to the government in the next few days. It is claimed that this will be sanctioned soon and the work on the Maritime Theatre Command will start in the next year. The command headquarters will be in the naval base at Karwar, in Karnataka. As per received reports, an officer of Vice Admiral Rank will head the command. This will ensure the Indian marine security and will be possible to counter the Chinese activities, threatening the security of India and the other countries in the region, more effectively, with the Maritime Theatre command.   

There are only two Joint commands, of all the three defence forces, active in India, as of today. These are Andaman-Nicobar Command and the Strategic Forces command. Other than these, there are 17 joint commands of the three defence forces operational in the country. As per analysts, the Maritime Theatre Command is being formed to address the difficulties faced in planning and coordination to carry out military missions and plan necessary activities.   

China is using its fishing boats to terrorise the countries, challenging it in the South China Sea and other sectors. Incidents of these Chinese fishing boats entering the marine territories of other countries challenging the marine security of these countries have been reported even in the past. Some countries have accused that these fishing boats are a part of the Chinese navy. A thick possibility is being predicted that China may use these even against India. India has made preparations to shoot down these Chinese conspiracies and information regarding each of the boats sailing in the Indian Ocean is noted by the Indian Coast Guard and the Indian Navy.   

There are a large number of submarines in the Chinese navy. Taking this into account, India is building anti-submarine destroyers. Therefore, it is clear that India has already started preparations to bust the Chinese plot to challenge the Indian influence in the marine region using submarines. China was planning to deploy more warships in the Strait of Malacca, for the security of its freight movement, soon to increase the pressure on India. But India busted this Chinese plan, by deploying a greater number of warships in the region. 

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