Martial Law to be declared in Philippines in fight against ‘IS’, warns President Duterte

Manila: The Philippine President Rogrigo Duterte warned that he had no choice but to declare the Martial Law on the Islands of Mindanao and that it was their constitutional right to provide safety by executing the law. He also warned that if he thought that the ‘IS’ was spreading its network across Luzon and the terrorist activities were on the rise, then for the safety of the people of Philippines, he would declare Martial Law throughout Philippines.


On Tuesday, the ‘Maute’ group which is affiliated to the ‘IS‘, tried to capture the Marawi city. While ‘IS’ affiliated groups gained control over many government offices and important buildings in Marawi, they also hoisted the ‘IS’ flag. In many parts of city, severe conflicts are in progress between the ‘IS’ and the Philippine army, which has claimed the lives of 3 soldiers. It has also come to light that a terrorist group has held 1 cleric and several citizens hostage.

After the attack of the ‘IS’ affiliated group, the Philippine President declared the execution of the Martial Law on the Islands of Mindanao. He also cut his Russia trip short and returned to his homeland. While Mr. Duterte also hails from Mindanao, he has taken aggressive action against the hardline groups in the past as well.

The ‘Abu Sayyaf Group’ and the ‘Moro Islamic Liberation Front’ which are active in the Mindanao area, had declared a few year back that they were getting attached to the ‘IS’. Subsequently, the intensity of the terrorist attacks in Mindanao have increased, claim sources.

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