Army free to take decicions in Jammu and Kashmir, says Arun Jaitley

New Delhi : Indian army has been given full authority to deal with situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian Army officers are free to conduct operations as they deemed fitin a “war-like” zone, said Defence Minister Arun Jaitley, clairifying government’s strong support to the army. On the background of ongoing conflict between Indian army and Pakistan along the LoC, the Defense Minister issued the above statement. At the same time, in an interview to a news channel, the Defence minister justified that Major Nitin Gogoi’s action to save Election Commission official from stone pelting was appropriate as per the situation  


The Indian Army is counter attacking the Pakistan military posts stationed across the Line of Control from last few days. In future also, the Indian army will continue to perform such punitive assaults and the Indian Government will completely support them, stated the Defence Minister Jaitley. The entire nation expressed satisfaction after Indian army released a video destroying Pakistani posts. Against this backdrop, the statements made by the defence minister have been considered important, signalling that the future operations against Pakistan could be more intensified.

Meanwhile, the intensity of stone – pelting on Army vehicles by few separatists in Jammu & Kashmir is increasing. A few weeks ago, in order to save Election Commission officials from stone pelting and to take them to a safe place, officer Major Nitin Gogoi tied a local from the crowd onto the bonnet of their Military vehicle. No stone was pelted on that jeep and he drove safely. However, few Kashmiri politicians expressed anger and demanded a probe in this matter. But the Indian army appreciated the presence of mind of Major Gogoi. Many intellectuals also opposed this.

These Intellectuals are claiming that such acts could worsen the situation further, However the entire Nation is supporting Major Gogoi’s act and its response could be seen on social media. While speaking to a news channel, the defence minister Arun Jaitley supported Major Gogoi’s decision and provided backing to him. Major Gogoi made sure that the local was not hurt. If he would not have showed his presence of mind, then the vehicle could have been attacked risking the lives of officers. Army was responsible for safeguarding their lives and such situation could have caused to open fire. However, Major Gogoi, did not let this to happen by tying a local on the vehicle, this is commendable, added the defence minister.

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