French President Emmanuel Macron is connected with Rothschild group, allege the Yellow Vest agitators

Third World WarParis: “If I had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth, or the son of a politician, you could have a go at me. But that’s not the case,” French President Macron claimed to be one among the common French people. President Macron has made this appeal to pacify the Yellow Vest agitators, who have been protesting against him since the last three months. But the French protestors are alleging that Macron is a puppet of the ultrarich and private banks. The protesters are also pointing out the fact that Macron is connected with the billionaire Rothschild group.

Emmanual Macron, Rothchild group, yellow vestThrough the Yellow Vest agitation, ongoing since November, it seems that the discontent among the French population against the Macron government is on the rise. The protests staged in various cities of France, including Capital Paris has entered into 11th week and President Macron has completely failed to contain them. The decision to reduce the fuel rates has also failed to pacify the protestors.

Against this background, Macron is making efforts to establish a dialogue with various groups in the country and in one such programs, he announced that he also is an ordinary citizen of the country. It has been observed that the claim is not acceptable to the protestors and the common citizens. The French people alleged ‘Macron is certainly not from the class of French people earning minimum wages. He is completely unaware of the problems faced by the people earning minimum wages.’

Emmanual Macron, Rothchild group, yellow vestThe French protestors alleged that Macron is from a well off family. He has been educated in elite institutions. The rich and elite class of France has created Macron. During his career he has always been associated with the people born with a silver spoon. He is the President of the ultrarich and a puppet in the hands of private and large banks.

While showering the criticism, the protestors pointed out that Macron was a banker working with the Rothschild & Cie Banque, known to be a financial institution of the rich investors.

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