Israel will act on three fronts to stop Iran: Israel PM Netanyahu

Third World WarJerusalem: ‘While the threat from Iran is rising, Israel is making efforts on three fronts. The first is attacking the Iranian bases in Syria and Israel will not stop these attacks,’ announced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu informed that he has already discussed about this front with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Over the last month, Israel has taken a harsh stance against the military locations of Iran and its allied organisations in Syria. Three days ago, a Hezbollah location at Daba’a military air base near the Syrian capital of Damascus, was under attack. A British news channel reported that 21 people including Iranian soldiers were killed in this attack. It is claimed that Israel was responsible for this attack on the Hezbollah base. However, it has avoided giving comment in this respect.

israel, benjamin netanyahu, iran, syriaAt the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made an important announcement regarding the Iranian military locations in Syria. ‘The Iranian regime is responsible for the instability in the Middle East and the Israeli action against this regime will not be discontinued. The Iran-influenced locations will be attacked by Israel even in the future,’ announced Netanyahu. ‘There is a perception of threat from Iran in this region and Israel has started a three-pronged action against Iran. This includes, preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, destroying the Iranian military locations in Syria and to stop the smuggling of arms from Iran into Lebanon or stopping the manufacture of arms in Lebanon,’ was the warning issued by Netanyahu to Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister assertively stated, ‘The objective for smuggling of arms into Lebanon or the manufacturing of arms in Lebanon is to equip the Hezbollah against Israel. Israel will not allow the arms manufacturing unit in Lebanon to be built’. The Israeli Prime Minister confirmed action against the Hezbollah locations in Lebanon, but avoided giving information about them.

A few days ago, the Israeli military had published photographs and videos of an Israeli F-35 stealth bomber encircling the Lebanese capital Beirut, reminding Iran and other opponents of its capability.

Meanwhile, the announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister is being taken more seriously after the security meeting held on Sunday.

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