Israel Defense Forces ready for war in Gaza – Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

Israel-RivlinJerusalem : Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman led these aerial attacks in Gaza.This is claimed to be an exceptional action carried out on such large scale by the Israeli Airforce over Gaza in past few years. Israeli Army officials have welcomed this action in Gaza. While the world’s attention is towards the strife in Syria, Hamas in Gaza Strip is taking advantage of this situation to enhance their weaponry capacity. Hence this action was most suited to warn Hamas, stated Israeli Army officials.


Post these aerial attacks, Israeli President Rivlin visited the Army camp posted near the Gaza Strip border. Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot and other Senior Army Officials were also present during this visit. During this visit Rivlin examined the underground tunnel way constructed from Gaza to Israel which the Army found and also reviewed the preparedness of the Army at the border.

Later the Israeli President condemned in stern words the rocket attacks which happened from Gaza Strip. ‘Israel does not wish for any kind to battle to ignite. The citizens of Israel want to live a peaceful and pleasant life. However if this peace is disrupted or any challenge is posed forth Israel, then we will retaliate back equally befitting’, warned the President Rivlin. ‘Based on the discussion with our Army officials I can only say, if war ignites, Israeli Army is completely prepared for it’, further added the Israeli President.

Meanwhile, the rocket attacks over Israel from Gaza strip and the retaliation of Israel has caused the tensions amidst the border region to intensify. Israeli Army has posted their forces at the border after having found the tunnel way carved by the Hamas extremists. Based on the tensions around Gaza border, the US has warned their citizens to leave Gaza.

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